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Guestbook filled by _Bill Batesole am 09.04.2010; 13:06:38 h


Hello Klaus Peter,

This website is fantastic! The information, links to pictures and articles gives us ASK 14 pilots a great place to visit. I hope that many others enjoy this site and learn more about the motorglider that we love so much. One thing that I have found, talking to others who have owned and flown the ASK 14 is they really love it. When I was buying my 14 back in 2003, I spoke to all the owners in the US and it got rave reviews and now I can say the same with all the fun that I have had. I've flown the motorglider in two National Sports Class competitions and it was a strange site among all the "Joghurtbecher" (plastic) sailplanes. All the competitions pilots could see how much fun I was having. So it the ASK 14s can do it all, attend a Vintage Meet and a National Competition!

Many thanks Klaus Peter,
Bill Batesole, Walpole NH USA, ASK-14 14047

Guestbook filled by _max am 09.04.2010; 10:10:30 h

ASK 14 Gästebuch

Hey Pit,
echt schöne Seite!!
Ist wirklich toll geworden (:


Guestbook filled by _Delli am 09.02.2010; 16:46:04 h

ASK 14 Gästebuch

Servus Pit,
Die Arbeit hat sich absolut gelohnt!!!!.Das habt Ihr Super hingekriegt.Gruss an dei Frau& Nils: Delli

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