13th ASK 14 Meeting, Schmallenberg 2021




The 13th ASK 14 meeting took place from 17th to 20th June at the Schmallenberg-Rennefeld airfield. Nine ASK 14 one K12 and one ASK 16 pilots each came to the meeting. The meeting was organized by Oliver Zeumer from Fluggemeinschaft Rennefeld e.V.

The first participants arrived on Thursday. On all 4 days, excellent cross-country flights could be undertaken in excellent flying weather with base altitudes of over 2,500 meters MSL. On Saturday evening, all the aircraft that had been set up were then parked in the hangar, as a thunderstorm front had been announced during the night, which then followed with strong lightning and thunder and plenty of rain. On Sunday the weather was so good that all participants could fly home again. Unfortunately, our ASK 14 teams from England and Lithuania were unable to travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The participants thank the Fluggemeinschaft Rennefeld e.V., the board of directors and the members for the hospitality and Oliver Zeumer for the organization and hospitality.
All ASK 14 fans can look forward to another ASK 14 meeting next year. The location and date will follow.


Fotos: Klaus Peter Gies, Markus Jakubiec und Christoph Schwahn