1 st ASK 14 meeting held on Wasserkuppe 2009



The first ASK 14 meeting was held June 19-21 2009 at Germany’s most historic soaring site, the Wasserkuppe. At this Meet there were eight ASK 14s and pilots flying from the „Berg der Flieger Wasserkupppe”.

The Meet was organized by Andreas Steiner, an ASK 14 owner and restoration expert. Special thanks to the Fliegerschule Wasserkuppe and the flight school manager, Harald Jörges for welcoming the ASK 14 guests. Each morning Harald and his staff briefed the pilots on weather and operations.

Unfortunately, the weather was not the best, but still there was flying and lots of time to talk and learn from other ASK 14 owners. In the evening, the group gathered at the historic, Restaurant „Peterchens Mondfahrt”with lots of interesting conversations. It was at the restaurant that the members agreed an ASK 14 Meet will be held each year.




Article from the meeting published on Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau web-site here






























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