6th ASK 14 meeting 2014 held in Nastätten



The 6th ASK 14 meeting took place June 26-29 2014 at the gliding field at Nastätten, Germany in the Taunus region.  It has been four years since the last annual ASK 14 meeting was held at Nastätten and this year, eleven ASK 14 pilots attended with their classic motorgliders. The meeting was organized by Annette and Klaus Peter Gies from the Aero Club Nastätten.

The longest journey to this meeting was Renata Samulenas from Lithuania, who with his family drove  1600 km.  Bill Batesole from the United States returned again to Nastätten and had the opportunity to fly the ASK 14 D-KPGI. The weather on Thursday and Friday had excellent soaring conditions and some nice flights were made over the Taunus and Hunsrück.  Saturday only a couple of flights were flown before the rain started and unfortunately Sunday was not flyable weather. When the pilots were not flying, they had a chance in the big “Terminal 2” glider hangar to see the other ASK 14s and share information. Many thanks to the LTB Follmann who has sponsored the T-shirts again.


Everyone is now looking forward to a new next year’s ASK 14 Meet. Christoph Schwahn of the FF Göttingen e.V. has kindly agreed to host the next Meet in 2015.
Dates:  7th ASK 14 Meet,  July 2-5, 2015


Fotos: Nadja Eisenmenger, Annette und Nils Gies, Peter Schalk
































































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