7. ASK 14 meeting 2015 held on the Weper



The 7th ASK 14 meeting took place on the hottest weekend of the year from July 2-5, 2015 on the Weper glider airfield near Göttingen, Germany.  Altogether, 11 vintage ASK14 motorgliders attended the meet.  The meeting of was organized by Christoph Schwahn of the Flugwissenschaftlichen Fachgruppe Göttingen.

The longest journey to this meeting, as in previous years was Renatas Samulenas and his family from Lithuania. Hoping to bring his ASK14, Renatas had starter problems with the engine so his motorglider stayed in Lithuania, but they still drove 1600 km to attend the meeting. Bill Batesole from the USA (he is currently living in Germany) traveled back and again had the opportunity to fly ASK14 D-KPGI. New to join the ASK14 meet was Jan van de Ven from the Netherlands with his recently acquired ASK 14 D-KISL. Welcome Jan.
The weather due to the intense heat (temperatures up to 41 degrees) and a few thunderstorms was the challenge. Gentle blue thermals in the afternoon on Saturday gave us the best flying of the meet. Flights up to 3 hours was achieved before everyone landed as the next storm approached. Some of the most appreciated activities was a swimming trip to a nearby mountain lake in Delliehausen and a stop for ice cream. All in all, many flights were flown from this beautiful grass airfield in Weper. The hope to fly in the Hatz mountains was not achieved, but the gathering of the beautiful ASK14s and their pilots made for a successful gathering.

The participants would like to thank the Flugwissenschaftlichen Fachgruppe Göttingen for their excellent hospitality. Especially, Christoph Schwahn and family for the organization. Thanks also goes to the LTB Follmann, for again sponsoring t-shirts for all the pilots.

All ASK 14 enthusiasts can forward to a new meeting next year. Rudolf Ulrich has kindly agreed to the
host the 8th ASK14 Meeting at the Mainz Finthen Airport. Date: July 1-3, 2016. The goal of 14, ASK14s was not achieved this year, so we will try again next year.  Please mark your calendar for 2016 and come enjoy the fun.

Fotos: Christoph Schwahn sowie Annette und Klaus Peter Gies