8. ASK 14 meeting 2016 held on Mainz-Finthen



The 8th ASK 14 Meet is now history.  The Meet was held from June 30th thru July 2nd 2016 at the Mainz-Finthen airfield. Thirteen ASK 14 pilots met with their vintage Motorgliders. The magic number of fourteen ASK 14 gathering was nearly achieved, but Oliver Zeumer had to travel without his ASK 14 D-KONB. His Motorglider was having repair work done at the LTB Follmann and unfortunately not as completed in time for the Meet. Rudolf Ulrich organized the meeting, he is a member of the Aviation Club Mainz.

New to the ASK 14 Meet this year was Herbert Merz with D-KPGI, Thomas Schlingemann with D-KHJO, and Rony Hollstein flying ASK 14 D-KEGU with the Hirth F23 Motor. Also the former ASK 14 owners Nadja Eisenmenger and Isabel Brown were there again.

The weather was typical of the spring and summer in Germany, a lot of rain and temperature between 12 and 25 degrees C. Unfortunately because of the weather not all ASK 14 were flown. Very special thanks to Rosi Ulrich with his weather forecasts that allowed most the most of us to fly.

The participants would like to thank Rudolf Ulrich, the Aviation Club of Mainz, the Board of Directors and the members for allowing us to visit Mainz-Finthen airfield and for the excellent hospitality. Thanks also goes to the LTB Follmann, for again sponsoring t-shirts for all the pilots.


All ASK 14 enthusiasts can forward to a new meeting next year. Peter Schalk has kindly agreed to the
host the 9th ASK14 Meeting at the Aschaffenburg-Großostheim Airport. Date: June 22-25, 2017. The goal of 14, ASK14s was not achieved this year, so we will try again next year.  Please mark your calendar for 2016 and come enjoy the fun.


Fotos: Annette and Klaus Peter Gies, Peter Schalk and Steffi Zahn.